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We Buy and Sell Telecom Equipment

About NAG Telecom

NAG Telecom offers best-quality, pre-owned and refurbished IT, data and telecom equipment. We sell an extensive variety of warrantied products on a global basis and acquire used, good-condition equipment, by both purchase and/or trade, from companies throughout North America. Our highly qualified team also offers in-depth consulting services to help meet even your most demanding challenges.

We are known for providing flexible and customized solutions to meet even the most demanding situations, including meeting your critical timetables, while providing savings of 50% and more. Our experienced staff excels at helping organizations source the best hardware solutions to meet your unique needs.

Business Value

NAG provides technology solutions that lower costs while reducing the complexity of upgrading, replacing or acquiring reliable backups for critical IT and telecom hardware and components.

Selling or trading surplus equipment to NAG is easy and quite simple. Our team of experienced equipment buyers help coordinate the entire process. From determining the true secondary market value of your equipment within our extensive global placement network, to hassle-free shipping, we will impress you with our service and commitment. NAG provides fast and reliable service at each stage of the selling or buying process. All equipment within our inventory is authenticated, rigorously tested and returned to its original factory specifications by qualified engineers.

Service and Guarantee

We insure perfect functionality of each and every component returned to active service. Our quality controls are second-to-none. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand firmly behind our minimum 1 year warranty. Contact us now for a “quick quote”, or to discuss your IT and telecom needs.


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Your decision to purchase pre-owned and refurbished equipment offers significant returns on your IT hardware investment allowing you to better leverage your IT budget without sacrificing performance, quality or reliability.


We value your business and strive to make it simple and satisfying to turn your surplus inventory into cash. Our team can offer you the highest market value for good condition equipment.


You can choose to take cash for your unneeded hardware and peripherals. But, to meet ongoing hardware needs, many prefer choosing to get instant credit towards needed purchases.