(RedBack) SE100 BRAS IPv6

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Ideal solution as PPPoE / IPoE DHCP server access. One of the few solutions that support BRAS (ISG) functionality on the LAG (Link Aggregation Group). Performs well as a hardware NAT server. Unlike its competitors, working as IPoE DHCP BRAS through the L3 network (L3 connected DHCP subscribers), as well as has the ability to authenticate users, “according to one” package.




The certificate of CCC, 2012!

Licensed features:

  • the number of subscribers
  • functional CG-NAT
  • IPv6

It consists of:

  • Ericsson SE100 chassis with AC power adapter, 2 combo port 1000BaseT / SFP;
  • Module 2-port 1000Base-X (SFP) (2 pieces);
  • License to support IPv6 subscriber;
  • Set kreplniya rack;
  • Compact Flash card with the current SmartEdge OS version.


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